Sunday, May 21, 2017

The 7 Most Important Hair Growth Lessons You Will Learn This Year

ismail Alminda | 7:04 AM

How does your hair today compare to a year ago? Have you made fantastic progress and your hair now sits at waist length? If so then click back, I obviously have nothing to say to you otherwise if your results have been just ok or nonexistent then you are the person I am talking to. Hair growth is […]

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NASA has a SkinCare Division and They Confirmed the Key to Healthy Skin

ismail Alminda | 10:50 AM
I'm grateful for all the contributions that NASA has made to the health & beauty industry.  Some notable examples that come to mind include vibration plates and mini trampolines.  Both help rebuild bone and muscle mass because space exploration really does a number on the body.  Once astronauts return home, their bodies are ravaged by the effects of their zero gravity environment. That's when their scientists get to work on discovering ways to rehabilitate and prevent long term damage.

Obviously,  preventing the negative physical effects to the body is a top priority. Which is why rebounding and vibration plates were discovered so long ago.  But recently, NASA has also come to realize another huge issue that needs to be addressed.  Not only were there astronauts dealing with bone and muscle loss, they realized that an antigravity environment also accelerates skin aging.
During space travel, there are notable changes that occur in the skin.  They noticed a decrease in skin density & elasticity.  There was obvious thinning of the top layer of the skin and a huge decline hydration levels.  Essentially, the longer the astronauts remained in space, the faster they aged.

NASA researchers decided to combat this undesirable side effect by addressing the one area where they have the most control -- skin hydration.

They wondered if protecting the skin's level of hydration could help curb some one of the adverse effects.  They realized that treating the skin with an emulsion made a huge impact on the hydration levels of the outermost layer of the skin's surface.  An emulsion is another term for a liquidy moisturizing product.  Typical skin lotions are not considered to be emulsions because of their thick, creamy consistency.

Basically, they discoved that prepping the skin with adequate hydration made a difference a huge difference even in the most hostile conditions (outer space).

I have to be honest.  Facial skin hydration has never been a priority of mine.  For most of my life, I've battled with oily skin.  Most of the time, I'm slathering on mattefying products to help address it. I'm my mind, oily skin did not need the help of thick, creamy moisturizers.  I'm willing to admit that my thinking was highly flawed.  My skin was probably producing all that oil as a means of self-hydrating.

Once I realized the error in my ways, I took a completely different approach.  Instead of bypassing the moisturizing step in my facial routine, I fully embraced it.  I collected all of the facial moisturizers I owned and found the one that was most hydrating.  One of my favorites so far is Youth Preserve Facial Cream by Fresh.  It's light, super hydrating and seems to sink deep into my skin rather than sit on the surface.  I've paired this moisturizer with other products on in my arsenal to saturate my skin with moisture.

The results were pretty astonishing.  My skin looks and behaves so much differently when it's well hydrated.  Everything plumps up. But what's most exciting is how my skin naturally reflects light when it's super moisturized.  Not in a "greasy" way. But in a dewy, glowy, natural way.

This changed everything.

 The only thing I focused on was what I could do to elevate and maintain skin moisture levels.  Every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I smiled at how great my skin looked.  At the same time, I wondered why I allowed myself to forget how well my skin behaved back when I religiously followed the Korean skin multistep routine.  Why did I let the change of season deter me from focusing on hydrated skin as a main priority?

All that matters is that I'm back on track.  And it only took the help of NASA researchers to remind me of what's most important.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DIY // How to transform your water into an Anti-Aging Beauty Tonic

ismail Alminda | 9:51 AM
It's no secret that I have a mild obsession with consuming nutrition in liquid form.  The possibility of enjoying a higher absorption rate as the nutrients bypass the digestion process excites me so much.  Last year I discovered the wonders of adding chlorophyll drops to my water. Since then, I've never stopped contemplating the idea of amassing an arsenal of powerful boosters to I can add to my water anytime.

The newest member to my water booster collection is green tea extract.  I selected it because of my brief experience in drinking green tea regularly this winter.  After learning about its appetite suppressing potential, I decided to give it a shot.    I really enjoyed my daily cup of green tea but when the weather warmed up, I couldn't enjoy a hot cup of tea like I used to.  The next best option is to add green tea drops to my water.  But adding green tea extract to your drink isn't the same as drinking a cup tea.  The extract so much more powerful.  It's like enjoying the benefits of multiple cups of tea at once.

I don't currently have anything in my water boosting arsenal that provides high levels of antioxidants.  Lord knows I need it for those times when my diet isn't as clean as I'd like.   The end goal is to acquire various high antioxidant extracts that, when combined, will transform my plain water into a super antioxidant powerhouse.   My inspiration for this comes from a product already on the market.  It was developed by one of Hollywood's top plastic surgeons.  The reviews I read were pretty favorable so I thought I'd create a DIY version.  Their main ingredients are green tea, goji, grapeseed and maqui berry extract.  All are known for their antioxidant, anti-aging properties.   Maqui berry has over 30 times more antioxidant power than the mighty acai.

Eventually, I purchase each of these extracts and combine them to make my own water booster.  The warmer it gets, the more water I consume. This is the perfect opportunity to nourish my body at the cellular level.

We're going to drink water anyway. Might as well enjoy a skin loving, appetite suppressing, antioxidant filled bottle of water.  Because liquid extracts tend to be more concentrated, I'll be sure not to go overboard.  My plan is to drink a bottle of antioxidant water either first thing in the morning or in the evening hours after a meal.  If I feel a bit queasy, I'll pair the water with a meal but hopefully, I can enjoy it on an empty stomach without any adverse repercussions.

At the very least, this water booster concoction might provide a natural energy boost and maybe it'll help increase my metabolism & suppress my appetite.  It's also good to know that, long term, my skin is nourished at a cellular level.


Black Girls In Malden School Banned From Prom And Face Daily Detentions For Wearing Braids

ismail Alminda | 7:33 AM

I wake up to a full inbox daily, usually full of work emails, newsletters and spam. The usual. This morning however I woke up to an email from one of the students from Mystic Valley Regional Charter in Malden Massachusetts, Deonna, who wanted her story told. Students at the Malden school who wear hair extensions […]

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Monday, May 15, 2017

How Being a Future Focused Individual will Transform Your Life

ismail Alminda | 8:35 AM
One of the most positive traits I have that's allowed me to create ideal outcomes is my ability to focus on the future.  I took a personality assessment once which identified one of my strengths as "futuristic."   Here's the synopsis of someone who's strength is futuristic:

The future fascinates you. As if it were projected on the wall, you see in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling you forward, into tomorrow. While the exact content of the picture will depend on your other strengths and interests, it will always be inspirational to you. You are a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and who cherishes those visions. When the present proves too frustrating and the people around you too pragmatic, you conjure up your visions of the future and they energize you. 

Fantasizing about the future is my favorite thing to do. In the beginning, I daydreamed about the future partially as an escape mechanism.  But once I learned how to harness the power of future-based thinking, I used it as a life transformation tool.  

Whenever things aren't going well for me, I know that one or both of these are the culprit.
1. I'm thinking about and focusing too much on the past.
2. I'm thinking about and focusing on the present situation. 

If I give too much mental attention on the past or current circumstances, I know my mind isn't in the right place.  I have no ability to change the past so it makes no sense to spend too much time reflecting on it.  I can change the current circumstances but ONLY if I focus on altering it and creating a new future.  Sometimes it's hard to snap out of a current pattern of thinking.  But I know it's absolutely necessary otherwise things will continue to remain the same. 

I understand that NEW ACTION breeds NEW RESULTS.  But new actions are hard to execute if your thinking isn't aligned.   It's not easy to see solutions when problems take center stage.  They take over your mind.  They keep you locked into your current situation.  There's only one way out and that's to follow the path to freedom.  What you don't want to do is to give the present situation even more power by focusing on it.

There's a book called The Three Laws of Performance.  In it, they introduce a concept called future-based language.   Future based language is a tool we can use to "rewrite the future."  It's when we talk about how a situation will be versus how it currently is. When using future based language, we talk in specifics. We use our words to paint a clear picture.  The clearer it is, the more believable.  Once we've imagined the new future, we work to make it a reality.  If we don't envision this new future, we'll find ourselves living in a default future. The default future is the one we're creating based on our current actions.  If we stay in a negative mindset, we create an undesirable default future.  

I like to think of future based language as talking about what you want versus talking about "what is" or "what you don't want."  If using future based language isn't something part of your normal behavior I invite you to start building this habit.

One new habit I'd like to cultivate is future based action.  Meaning, I want to align most of my action with the future I want to create.  I don't want to keep doing the same things that caused my current situation.  Future based action is a step up from using future based language.  It'll transform the situation at such a rapid pace.  Which is why future based actions need to be a priority.  There are future based actions I can do right now that can instantly create different trajectory for my immediate future.    That's where I want to spend most of my time.


Mind, Body and Beauty Connection

ismail Alminda | 8:33 AM

Get tickets here –

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

How Rubbing Nails Together (Reflexology) Can Increase Hair Growth

ismail Alminda | 9:08 AM

Contents How to do reflexology to grow your hair Testimonials Best practices Let’s talk about reflexology? If I told you that you could exhilarate your hair growth by rubbing your finger nails together? You would probably think I am crazy and that’s ok, as long as you keep reading. The art of Reflexology is simply […]

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