Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Truth About Caring For 4C Natural Hair And Achieving Your Hair Goals

ismail Alminda | 7:01 AM

Contents What is 4C hair 4C hair wash day Protective styling Choosing products As I get older one of the things that hold true in my life is that there are no shortcuts when you want to be successful at any goal you might have. In my own hair journey, and I am sure in […]

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Friday, April 21, 2017

This Simple At-Home Treatment Will Remove Your Stretch Marks & Body Scars

ismail Alminda | 10:13 AM
The other day I was watching one of my favorite reality shows.  There was a scene where two of the main characters enjoyed a day of beauty treatments.  Instead of enjoying a leisurely massage, they opted for a more aggressive option.

While laying face down, the two women endured a full body micro needling treatment. By the time the session was over, their entire bodies were red with all the blood flow.  My first instinct was to cringe at how much pain they had to endure.  Then I wondered why they would even do micro needling over their entire bodies.
Honestly, it doesn't really make sense.  While needling the entire body probably is inefficient, I could see using micro needling in a targeted way to address concerns on the body.   Scar tissue is stubborn and rigid.  You can just get rid of it with topical treatments.  We develop scars because of trauma to the skin and the subsequent healing process.  The problem is that scars aren't made up of the same tissue as our skin. Scar tissue is inferior to our normal skin because it's composition is a bit different.  It's not meant to function like "normal skin," it's meant to protect against infection and further injury.

But, with "very minor lesions,"  the body uses normal skin for wound repair.  And that's the magic of micro needling.  It creates lots of micro trauma forcing it to have to repair itself with new skin as if nothing ever happened.  With scar treatments, fading isn't the right approach. We should want to regenerate the skin and that's exactly what micro needling does.

I have one of the nifty little at home derma rollers.  But I haven't put them to use ever since I started going in for professional treatments.  After watching those ladies receive the body rolling, I could see myself using the at home device for some trouble areas like the horizontal lines around my neck and to diminish old scars.

Other ways to incorporate body needling included fading of stretch marks and for skin tightening purposes.  If you have excessive stretch marks from having a baby or rapid weight loss/gain, micro needling might be a low cost easy option that actually works.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Style Edit // Summer Festival Lookbook

ismail Alminda | 10:22 AM
Coachella is currently in progress which means the start of spring/summer outdoor season.  I figured now would be a great time to collect some style inspiration for festival outfits ideas.

I adore this black crochet top.  It's stylish, sexy and effortless.  It also gives you the option of accenting the top with either a lace bralette, bandeau or a fitted crop depending on your preference.  I didn't know how much I needed a crochet top until now.  The hunt is officially on.
Chances are you're probably gonna be rocking basic pieces to your outdoor event.  The easiest way to make your look stand out is to accessorize with a statement kimono.  I'm a huge fan of kimonos because they have the ability to completely elevate your summer look without adding heavy layers.
For most of my life, I've been completely against matching sets.  I hated them.  But I've since changed my ways.  I adore the cropped top and matching high-waisted pants.  It makes the entire look more modern and fresh.  The slight bearing of midriff adds a bit of a break to the monotonous pattern.  I'm sure it would look just as perfect if the bottom were high waisted shorts.  Either way, I'm a fan of matching sets now and I'm proud of it.
Summer festivals are the perfect time to wear bohemian statement skirts.  I love this pairing of a flirty denim skirt with a graphic tee.  It's simple yet flawless.  Can we talk about how brilliant it was for her to accessorize with a brightly colored head wrap?  This look couldn't be any more perfect.
I wanted to leave you with this cute idea on how to accessorize your hair this summer.  Try adding strips of fabric in your braids for care free look.  This is a much tamer alternative to dying your hair or doing anything too crazy.  It's non-permanent and really easy to pull off.


This Braid & Curl with Eden BodyWorks Citrus Fusion is All You Need for #Summer17

ismail Alminda | 9:47 AM

Monday, April 17, 2017

Using The Power of Your Mind to Create the Perfect Ending for you Life.

ismail Alminda | 8:03 AM
One thing I hate more than anything is a movie ending that's completely different from what I expected. I loathe movies that end in a manner contrary to what I wanted to see. It doesn't matter if the movie was one of the most cleverly directed features ever if the ending is not up to my standards, I completely dismiss the entire film as useless.

Even when I was young, I would become extremely upset if I were ever interrupted from a pleasant dream. Whenever this happened, I would try my darnedest to fall back asleep and create the ending that I wanted. Sometimes I would even try to create alternate endings to dreams that did not meet my expectation of a suitable experience.  My number one priority was to always create the perfect result.
A few years back, I started working for a company that held extremely high standards.  As part of my probationary period, I had to go through a rigorous training and assessment process.  Here's the thing, I had to complete the training for a job that I didn't apply for.  Because my job required me to interact heavily with the operations team, I had to learn their jobs fully so I could be a better business partner for them.  I remember asking my boss what would happen if I wasn't able to pass the assessment for a job that I didn't even apply for.  Would I be fired?  She literally sidestepped my question because, truthfully, I could have lost my job if things didn't go well.

I was scared to death because I left a comfy position not knowing that my future rested on whether I could learn a completely new position in 8 weeks.  I did the only thing I could do.   I envisioned the best possible outcome.

Basically, before bed and upon waking up, I imaged myself during my final assessment.  I created a mental image of myself smiling and having lots of fun throughout the process and passing with flying colors.  Every image I created was a positive and energizing as possible.  I'm not that good at visualizing but I did it day and night.      When that day finally arrived, I wasn't nervous.  I put in tons of time studying and my mind was at ease.  Others who were taking the same assessment were super nervous.  But I had this sense of calm the entire time.  I was so at peace that I was able to help others with their last minute studying.  During our assessments, I felt completely energized!  At the end of the week-long ordeal, I was given my final score.  Basically, everyone who completes the program was rated as either red, yellow or green.  Receiving a red essentially meant that you weren't fit for the job.  Some would receive a demotion shortly after being classified as "red".  Most people received a yellow which meant that you had a decent grasp on the role but there may be a few things to work on.  A select few received a green.  

When I was told that I was rated a green, I cried actual tears.  It felt so amazing to actually be living out the outcome that I envisioned so many times before.  That day served as a clear reminder that I should always picture my perfect outcome.  

Even now, if my present reality isn't as I would hope for, I create new mental images to define my ideal ending. Without visualization,  you have to accept current results as the only available outcome. That is so far from the truth. What we are now experiencing, is only one possible outcome. Think of your life as a movie with various alternate endings. Your job is to go to the special features section and select an alternate (ideal) ending as another option. 

The main reason why you should even entertain the thought of creating mental images of ideal outcomes is because your brain can not honestly tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary. Your mind operates in pictures and once it sees a clear picture it subconsciously accepts it as fact. Think about the times when you've had dreams so scary that you awoke with a rapid heartbeat and maybe even a little sweat on your brow. Your mind didn't know that you weren't in actual danger.  Your mind only did what it knows to do which is take mental images as fact and respond accordingly.

Tonight before you fall asleep, or just after you awaken before you get out of bed in the morning, take a few moments to dream while you are still awake. Create vivid pictures of your definition of the most perfect scenarios and let your mind soar. Let your mind fully believe that you are capable of experiencing what you saw and use your emotions to help motivate you to take consistent action towards creating it. 

In a way, you probably do some of this now. The problem with most of us is that we create mental pictures of the worst possible outcome. Today I ask you to use your mental powers for good, not evil, and create the life you've always wanted, both in your mind and in reality.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

How To Eliminate Distressed Dry And Brittle Hair For Good

ismail Alminda | 7:04 AM

Contents Deep Conditioning The LOC Method A Midweek Moisture Regimen Trimming your hair The truth about afro textured hair and dryness is that you will never find one without the other. I know that sounds gloomy but that is the reality of the structure of our hair strand. Every strand of afro textured hair has […]

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Friday, April 14, 2017

3 Ways I'll Incorporate Activated Charcoal into my Daily Beauty Routine

ismail Alminda | 8:38 AM
I've been aware of the many benefits of activated charcoal for years.  But I experiment with lots of products so I put charcoal on the backburner.  Today, I happened to stumble of Biore's Deep Pore Charcoal cleanser.  I wanted to try it so bad.

But instead pulling out my credit card, I came up with a better solution.  That moment I realized that I could use charcoal in multiple ways in my everyday beauty routine.
I could integrate activated charcoal into my routine with the greatest of ease.  All I had to do is sprinkle a tiny pinch of charcoal to my cleanser which would instantly increase its deep cleansing potential.  As you know, charcoal unmatched when it comes to its ability to trap and remove toxins.
When I brush my teeth, I add another pinch to use as an all natural whitener. I've heard the claims of charcoal's teeth whitening power for years but I've never used it consistently enough to find out.  Even if it doesn't whiten as well as commercial products, I'm more interested in the detoxing properties of charcoal.  Perhaps adding a tiny bit of charcoal cleans your mouth just a tad bit better than with toothpaste alone.  I'm all for it.
A couple times a week I like to mask.  Right now I'm really into mud masks, but who says that I can't add a little charcoal to the mix for a deeper detox?  It would only take a few extra seconds.  Since charcoal is, like, the greatest detoxifier of all time, I want it working hard on my pores.

Lastly, before jumping in the shower, maybe I do a charcoal underarm mask one or more times a week.  If you recall, adding a little charcoal paste to your underarms might not only detox your pits but also lighten them.  Again, I'm not sure how effective this is because I've only tried it one or twice myself.  But if I were to layer in activated charcoal to the activities that I do every, who knows what benefits could be had.


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